PepsiCo is one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world and its mission is to provide consumers with delicious, affordable foods and beverages that are convenient or complementary to meals.

Its sales divisions have different procedures for evaluating their employees, which makes it difficult to monitor and compare the performance of employees in the different sales divisions.




Implement a single program for all sales divisions, train all employees in this program and standardize the performance appraisal of the participants in the different sales divisions.



An edtech project was developed based on the new sales program to attend the entire sales force of the company as a unique solution.

To contextualize the program guaranteeing its humanization and bringing employees closer together, we have produced video shots with the sales director in a familiar place in the company.

To ensure the retention of knowledge and considering the target audience, a game was developed with the strategy of an auditorium game.

The project's strategy was to produce content in three formats, with different types of interaction: video, online course and game, as well as access to complementary materials. So participants can absorb content in its prefered format.

The materials developed are used by different groups of collaborators: new entrants, without previous knowledge of the content, old collaborators (probably with old mistakes), or even as reference material for consultation, used as performance support, on the job.

The contents can be reinforced because the employees have contact with it in different formats: Director's sales videos (direct language); infographics with content details; and a game to assess/reinforce the content.





The new sales program was disseminated to all employees, reducing the time to start use the information and ensuring uniformity of content.

The managers started to use the course as support for their direct reports' evaluations, along with the evaluation manuals of the program.

The sales director became known to all employees.