Adidas is a multinational sportswear company. As an innovative company, it often researches and develops new products that use state-of-the-art technologies.
The Brazilian team is responsible to train all the stores in Latin America, with on-line and in person initiatives.

As products are launched, in an increasing frequency, new training is required to the sales force, so they can explain the products and its characteristics to the clients.

This training process is expensive, time consuming for the training team and need to be speedy.





Adidas would like to increase the agility in the production and offer new courses, a cost reduction in the development and delivery of training and a greater offer of training.

The biggest constraint is the size of the L&D team to serve the large number of stores and keep up with the speed of the company's innovations and launches.



The solution was training the Adidas L&D team in a course authoring tool, indicated by Fábrica de Cursos, aligned to the client's needs, so this team could have autonomy and speed content creation and delivery. In order to reinforce this goal, as a first stage of the project, 27 content modules were developed in 2 months using the same authoring tool, which after the training of the L&D team would use as standards of course development standards in Adidas, updating content when needed.

The training of the Adidas L&D team was carried out in two stages:

1st online – Introduction to the authoring tool and presentation of the course standards;
2nd face-to-face – Workshop on course development.





In addition to the initially developed modules, the client has the autonomy and agility to build new content and maintain all of its courses. It was also possible to create versions in Portuguese and Spanish of the training, as well as the translation of the training originally in German.


 After delivery of initial modules and the first stage of online training, the Adidas L&D team developed, even before the face-to-face training, based on modules developed as standard, more than 60 other training modules.