Imagine build courses, quizzes and games with quality, quickly and at a almost incredible low price? Does it sound good?

Why do the same thing ever and expect different results?
Does it sounds like a meaningless question? But it is exactly what has being done daily when producing e-learning courses. Learning from previous experiences is very important for better results. So it is non-sense always repeat the same things without change hoping for better results.

In other words, if the results are not the best, there is a need to change.

If people have changed, technology has advanced, there are new forms of interaction and, of course, learning, why do we still have courses similar to those as in the ancient years of e-learning?


Besides that, how to improve the results, if current e-learning projects are often expensive, long or have a weak alignment to reality? Considering the projects end just in time you need…


Do technological evolution, process automation, the big data ... all these transformations, increasingly common, in addition to artificial intelligence, can facilitate a more efficient courses develpment?

Conclusion: It is necessary to change the mindset related to e-learning development.

Thinking on it, Fábrica de Cursos has created Fábrica's Rapid.


Forget the endless briefing and validation meetings. Don't be bothered by delays and endless schedule updates, which are not always easy to explain to your internal customer. Don't worry about doing what you don't have the time, nor the skills needed for good results, such as web design. Don't ask SMEs do what they can't do. And, at the same time, deliver far superior results.


All you have to do is organize the content and choose the style and type of Rapid: COURSE, MOOC, QUIZ or GAME.


When you are a Rapid subscriber, you have your own course factory and you can deliver new content monthly, allowing you to plan the launches and satisfy your internal customers.

Nowadays, lifelong learning is seen as the only way to survive in the job market for both people and businesses, Fábrica's Rapid is your new great ally to accomplish it. 

Deliver quality courses, with no need to capability your team in instructional design, for instance, ensure more engagement  and achieve their instructional goals.


Ah, if you need to launch a game to motivate your employees, don't worry, your Rapid can also be a game!

Follow deadlines and plan your launches. Forget the endless negotiations, the schedule changes and the projects that never end.

Produce courses with your budget, with a simple process, with low cost and no bureaucracy.




If you are a Rapid's subscriber, you get volume rebates, bargain only once a year, can increase production at any time, have the lowest price guarantee on the market and still choose how to pay.

Have you ever thought about it?